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Name Rarity Obtained Requirement Cost Colors Spell Effects Spell Bonus
Anu's Sceptre Legendary Mastery 35 Blue 9 Blue/Blue Anu's Sceptre: Destroys gems
Anvil of Might Legendary Mastery 40 Red/Brown 16 Red/Brown Anvil of Might: Increases attack (ally), increases armor (ally)
Arrow of Slaying Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Green 18 Blue/Green Arrow of Slaying: Damages
Avenging Falchion Rare Mastery 5 Blue 9 Blue/Blue Avenging Falchion: Damages
Axe of Chaos Ultra-Rare Mastery 15 Red 12 Red/Red Axe of Chaos: Damages
Basilisk Fang Legendary Mastery 30 Green 13 Green/Green Basilisk Fang: Damages, causes Poison
Bear Totem Legendary Event 9 Blue/Brown Bear Totem: Damages, increases magic, removes gems
Black Dagger Rare Mastery 3 Blue 8 Blue/Blue Black Dagger: Damages
Black Manacles Legendary Mastery 40 Purple/Brown 15 Purple/Brown Black Manacles: Devours, damages (all)
Blade of Justice Ultra-Rare Mastery 15 Brown 9 Brown/Brown Blade of Justice: Damages
Bloody Axe Rare Mastery 6 Red 10 Red/Red Bloody Axe: Damages
Bone Wall Legendary 16 Purple/Brown Bone Wall: Creates Skulls, increases armor, gives extra turn
Boom-Boom Epic Event 13 Brown/Brown Boom-Boom: Explodes gems, damages (all)
Bow of Betrayal Ultra-Rare Mastery 10 Green 10 Green/Green Bow of Betrayal: Damages
Broken Hilt Epic 7 Blue/Blue Broken Hilt: Increases armor
Bronzelock Pistol Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Brown 12 Blue/Brown Bronzelock Pistol: Damages, destroys gems
Bull's Edge Legendary Mastery 40 Green/Red 13 Green/Red Bull's Edge: Damages, increases attack Caster damaged
Bullroarer Epic Event 12 Green/Green Bullroarer: Heals (all allies)
Bullseye Epic Mastery 25 Green 14 Green/Green Bullseye: True-damages
Burning Scythe Legendary Mastery 40 Red/Purple 14 Red/Purple Burning Scythe: Damages (all), causes Burning, causes Disease
Cauldron Legendary Mastery 40 Green/Brown 20 Green/Brown Cauldron: Increases attack (ally), heals (ally)
Celestial Staff Ultra-Rare Event 10 Yellow/Yellow Celestial Staff: Damages (all), heals
Chain Flail Epic Event 11 Brown/Brown Chain Flail: Damages
Chaos Blade Epic Event 11 Purple/Purple Chaos Blade: True-damages Divine
Creeping Death Legendary Class Necromancer 14 Purple/Purple Creeping Death: Damages (all), causes Deathmark
Crescendo Legendary Event 15 Green/Purple Crescendo: True-damages (all), increases magic, gives extra turn (conditional) (all allies) Kill
Crimson Insignia Epic Event 12 Red/Red Crimson Insignia: Damages
Crossbow of Exile Ultra-Rare Mastery 15 Green 12 Green/Green Crossbow of Exile: True-damages
Crude Club Common Event 4 Red/Red Crude Club: Damages
Crypt Keeper Legendary Class Deathknight 13 Purple/Purple Crypt Keeper: Causes Deathmark, true-damages
Cursed Blade Legendary Mastery 40 Green/Purple 12 Green/Purple Cursed Blade: Damages
Daemonic Khopesh Rare Mastery 7 Blue 7 Blue/Blue Daemonic Khopesh: Damages
Daemonomicon Legendary Class Sorcerer 16 Purple/Purple Daemonomicon: Summons
Dagger of the Void Ultra-Rare Mastery 10 Blue 9 Blue/Blue Dagger of the Void: Damages
Dark Staff Epic 12 Purple/Purple Dark Staff: Damages, causes Darkstorm
Dawnbringer Legendary 16 Blue/Yellow Dawnbringer: Damages, increases armor Daemon
Death Knell Legendary Mastery 40 Red/Purple 14 Red/Purple Death Knell: Damages, gives extra turn
Death's Grasp Epic Mastery 27 Purple 14 Purple/Purple Death's Grasp: Damages (all)
Deepstone Epic Event 9 Blue/Blue Deepstone: Explodes gems, destroys gems
Desert Dagger Legendary 3 Yellow/Brown Desert Dagger: Increases attack
Dragon Fire Legendary Mastery 40 Red/Yellow 14 Red/Yellow Dragon Fire: Mana-burns, causes Burning, transforms (conditional) (self) Kill
Dragon Oak Legendary Class Archer 14 Green/Green Dragon Oak: Removes gems, damages
Dragon Slayer Epic Mastery 27 Yellow 10 Yellow/Yellow Dragon Slayer: Damages Dragon
Dragonator 8000 Legendary Class Mechanist 11 Brown/Brown Dragonator 8000: Causes Burning, causes Frozen, causes Silence, damages
Dream Catcher Legendary Mastery 40 Yellow/Purple 15 Yellow/Purple Dream Catcher: Damages (all)
Dust and Sand Legendary Mastery 40 Yellow/Brown 11 Yellow/Brown Dust and Sand: Damages (all), moves troop to front
Dusty Tome Rare Mastery 3 Purple 6 Purple/Purple Dusty Tome: Destroys gems
Eagle Eye Epic Mastery 20 Green 11 Green/Green Eagle Eye: Removes gems, damages
Eggsplosion Legendary Event 15 Green/Green Eggsplosion: Explodes gems, heals
Elder Bow Rare Mastery 3 Green 8 Green/Green Elder Bow: Damages
Emerald Tear Legendary Mastery 40 Yellow/Purple 12 Yellow/Purple Emerald Tear: Heals, creates Green
Eternal Flame Epic Event 8 Yellow/Yellow Eternal Flame: Creates Red, causes Burning
Eye of Xathenos Legendary Event 16 Blue/Purple Eye of Xathenos: Steals random stat, damages Fey
Falchion of Kings Ultra-Rare Mastery 14 Blue 11 Blue/Blue Falchion of Kings: Damages
Farsight Orb Epic Event 10 Brown/Brown Farsight Orb: Creates Blue, increases random stat
Fiery Claw Legendary Mastery 40 Green/Red 14 Green/Red Fiery Claw: Damages Blue target
Fire and Ice Legendary Event 16 Blue/Red Fire and Ice: Damages (all), heals (all allies)
Fire Staff Epic 12 Red/Red Fire Staff: Damages, causes Firestorm
Frost Reaver Epic Event 11 Red/Red Frost Reaver: Destroys gems, damages
Frost Staff Epic 12 Blue/Blue Frost Staff: Damages, causes Icestorm
Frozen Soul Epic Mastery 24 Yellow 12 Yellow/Yellow Frozen Soul: Removes gems, damages
Gard's Wall Legendary Mastery 35 Red 10 Red/Red Gard's Wall: Removes gems, heals, gives Barrier
Ghost's Bane Epic Mastery 24 Blue 12 Blue/Blue Ghost's Bane: Removes gems, damages
Giant's Mace Rare Mastery 3 Brown 10 Brown/Brown Giant's Mace: Damages
Glaive of Storms Ultra-Rare Mastery 14 Yellow 12 Yellow/Yellow Glaive of Storms: Removes gems, damages
Goblin Crusher Legendary Event 12 Red/Brown Goblin Crusher: Damages Goblin
Golden Cog Legendary Mastery 40 Red/Yellow 15 Red/Yellow Golden Cog: Increases armor (ally)
Guardian Halberd Rare Mastery 3 Red 8 Red/Red Guardian Halberd: Damages
Halberd of Might Ultra-Rare Mastery 10 Red 10 Red/Red Halberd of Might: Damages
Hammer of Urskaya Legendary 13 Red/Brown Hammer of Urskaya: Damages, gives Enraged
Head Cleaver Epic Mastery 25 Red 11 Red/Red Head Cleaver: Damages
Holy Avenger Epic Mastery 25 Brown 11 Brown/Brown Holy Avenger: Removes gems, damages
Holy Symbol Legendary Mastery 40 Yellow/Brown 14 Yellow/Brown Holy Symbol: Damages Purple target
Hunter's Spear Common Mastery 1 Yellow 6 Yellow/Yellow Hunter's Spear: Damages
Ice Arrow Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Green 14 Blue/Green Ice Arrow: Damages Red target
Ice Dagger Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Purple 12 Blue/Purple Ice Dagger: Damages, causes Frozen Frozen
Icy Glaive Rare Mastery 5 Yellow 10 Yellow/Yellow Icy Glaive: Removes gems, damages
Imperial Jewel Legendary Mastery 50 All 20 All Imperial Jewel: Damages (all), increases magic
Javelin of War Ultra-Rare Mastery 10 Yellow 11 Yellow/Yellow Javelin of War: True-damages
Khopesh of Misery Ultra-Rare Mastery 17 Blue 9 Blue/Blue Khopesh of Misery: Damages
Kingslayer Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Red 15 Blue/Red Kingslayer: Damages Strong target
Knight's Sword Common Mastery 1 Blue 6 Blue/Blue Knight's Sword: Damages
Knuckle Smasher Epic Mastery 20 Brown 12 Brown/Brown Knuckle Smasher: Damages
Kris Knife Epic Event 10 Red/Red Kris Knife: Damages, steals magic
Lance of Divinity Ultra-Rare Mastery 17 Yellow 9 Yellow/Yellow Lance of Divinity: Damages
Light Staff Epic 12 Yellow/Yellow Light Staff: Damages, causes Lightstorm
Lion and Tiger Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Yellow 12 Blue/Yellow Lion and Tiger: Moves troop to front, damages, causes Stun
Lion's Claw Epic Mastery 27 Blue 10 Blue/Blue Lion's Claw: Removes gems, damages
Lost Grimoire Epic Mastery 20 Purple 10 Purple/Purple Lost Grimoire: Destroys gems
Mace of Malice Ultra-Rare Mastery 10 Brown 12 Brown/Brown Mace of Malice: Damages
Mang Legendary Mastery 40 Red/Brown 15 Red/Brown Mang: Kills, damages, increases attack
Merchant's Blade Legendary Event 12 Blue/Purple Merchant's Blade: Randomly: damages, gives gold, gives souls, gives maps
Morthani's Scythe Legendary Mastery 30 Purple 15 Purple/Purple Morthani's Scythe: Damages (all), creates Skulls Kill
Mountain Crusher Legendary Mastery 30 Brown 11 Brown/Brown Mountain Crusher: Explodes gems
Mystery Egg Legendary 12 Blue/Yellow Mystery Egg: Randomly: heals (all allies), increases armor, summons
Nature Staff Epic 12 Green/Green Nature Staff: Damages, causes Leafstorm
Nature's Wrath Epic Event 12 Green/Green Nature's Wrath: Damages Entangle
Null Sphere Legendary Mastery 40 Purple/Brown 18 Purple/Brown Null Sphere: Decreases magic
Nysha's Skull Legendary Mastery 35 Purple 15 Purple/Purple Nysha's Skull: Creates Skulls, summons
Order and Chaos Legendary Event 14 Green/Red Order and Chaos: Damages Dragon
Orpheus' Discord Legendary Mastery 32 Yellow 12 Yellow/Yellow Orpheus' Discord: Damages, causes Silence
Pan's Lute Legendary Mastery 40 Green/Yellow 15 Green/Yellow Pan's Lute: Drains mana, increases magic (all allies)
Phoenix Crossbow Rare Mastery 6 Green 10 Green/Green Phoenix Crossbow: True-damages
Phylactery Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Purple 14 Blue/Purple Phylactery: Heals, gives extra turn, gives souls
Piercing Lance Rare Mastery 7 Yellow 7 Yellow/Yellow Piercing Lance: Damages
Pigsticker Legendary Mastery 33 Red 12 Red/Red Pigsticker: Damages, explodes gems Kill
Prey Seeker Epic Event 14 Brown/Brown Prey Seeker: True-damages Hunters mark
Priest's Hammer Common Mastery 1 Brown 9 Brown/Brown Priest's Hammer: Damages
Primal Rage Legendary Mastery 33 Brown 13 Brown/Brown Primal Rage: Damages, increases attack Kill
Prismatic Orb Legendary Mastery 25 All 18 All Prismatic Orb: Creates Any, increases armor (ally)
Runic Blade Legendary Mastery 37 Green/Yellow 12 Green/Yellow Runic Blade: Damages, increases all stats, heals, increases magic Kill
Sands of Time Legendary Event 12 Red/Purple Sands of Time: Heals (all allies), gives extra turn
Scout's Bow Common Mastery 1 Green 9 Green/Green Scout's Bow: Damages
Scythe of Corruption Ultra-Rare Mastery 17 Purple 15 Purple/Purple Scythe of Corruption: Damages (all)
Serpentine Dagger Legendary Class Assassin 13 Red/Red Serpentine Dagger: Damages, causes Poison, kills (conditional)
Serve and Protect Legendary Class Knight 14 Blue/Blue Serve and Protect: Increases armor, moves troop to front (self), gives Barrier (all allies)
Shadowbringer Epic Mastery 20 Blue 11 Blue/Blue Shadowbringer: Removes gems, damages
Shattered Blade Epic 12 Yellow/Yellow Shattered Blade: Damages
Sheggra's Heart Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Brown 14 Blue/Brown Sheggra's Heart: Creates Red, cleanses (all allies), heals (ally)
Shentang Kingdom Weapon Legendary 3 Red/Yellow Shentang Kingdom Weapon: Increases attack
Silent Night Epic Event 12 Purple/Purple Silent Night: Damages, causes Silence
Silver Sword Rare Mastery 6 Brown 7 Brown/Brown Silver Sword: Damages
Skull Cleaver Epic Event 13 Purple/Purple Skull Cleaver: Damages, destroys gems
Skullblade Epic Event 12 Brown/Brown Skullblade: Removes gems, damages
Slay Bells Legendary Event 13 Green/Red Slay Bells: Damages, steals magic
Soul Blade Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Yellow 12 Blue/Yellow Soul Blade: Damages, gives souls
Soultrap Epic Event 13 Red/Red Soultrap: Damages, drains mana, heals Kill
Spark Rocket 2.0.16 Legendary Event 11 Red/Yellow Spark Rocket 2.0.16: Explodes gems, damages, causes Burning
Spellfire Epic Mastery 24 Purple 10 Purple/Purple Spellfire: Damages (all)
Spider Totem Legendary Class Orbweaver 12 Green/Green Spider Totem: Damages, drains mana, gives extra turn (conditional), causes Web
Spider's Kiss Legendary Event 14 Purple/Purple Spider's Kiss: Causes Entangle, true-damages
Spirit Staff Rare Mastery 5 Purple 8 Purple/Purple Spirit Staff: Damages (all)
Staff of Madness Legendary Event 16 Red/Purple Staff of Madness: Steals random stat (all), damages (all)
Staff of St. Astra Legendary Class Priest 14 Yellow/Yellow Staff of St. Astra: Cleanses (all allies), heals (all allies)
Staff of the Magus Ultra-Rare Mastery 14 Purple 9 Purple/Purple Staff of the Magus: Damages (all), unknown(None), damages
Staff of Visions Legendary Class Oracle 12 Purple/Purple Staff of Visions: Increases random stat (ally), gives Barrier (ally), gives mana (ally)
Stone Staff Epic 12 Brown/Brown Stone Staff: Damages, causes Duststorm
Summer's Fury Legendary Mastery 30 Red 15 Red/Red Summer's Fury: Damages (all), creates Red
Sun and Moon Legendary Event 16 Yellow/Purple Sun and Moon: Damages (all), increases magic (all allies)
Sun Chakram Epic Event 10 Yellow/Yellow Sun Chakram: Damages (all)
Sun Disk Legendary Mastery 40 Green/Yellow 13 Green/Yellow Sun Disk: Increases attack, damages, unknown(StormRandom)
Sunbolt Javelin Rare Mastery 3 Yellow 9 Yellow/Yellow Sunbolt Javelin: True-damages
Sword of Heroes Common Mastery 10 Blue 4 Blue/Blue Sword of Heroes: Damages
Sylvasi's Blades Epic Event 14 Green/Green Sylvasi's Blades: Damages, steals attack
The Stonehammer Legendary Mastery 35 Brown 13 Brown/Brown The Stonehammer: Damages, jumbles board
Thorodin Legendary Class Titan 14 Blue/Blue Thorodin: Damages Giant
Thunderbolt Epic Mastery 20 Yellow 12 Yellow/Yellow Thunderbolt: True-damages
Tome of Wizardry Ultra-Rare Mastery 10 Purple 7 Purple/Purple Tome of Wizardry: Explodes gems
Trident Legendary 3 Blue/Green Trident: Increases attack
Twisted Malice Epic Mastery 20 Red 11 Red/Red Twisted Malice: Damages
Undine's Spear Legendary 13 Blue/Green Undine's Spear: Damages
Urskayan Crown Legendary 12 Yellow/Brown Urskayan Crown: Creates Red, summons
Vile Flask Legendary Mastery 40 Blue/Red 14 Blue/Red Vile Flask: Randomly: kills, causes Poison, damages
War and Peace Legendary Event 16 Green/Brown War and Peace: Damages (all), increases attack (all allies)
Warden's Gauntlets Legendary Class Warden 14 Brown/Brown Warden's Gauntlets: Destroys gems, damages (all)
Warlord's Battlecry Legendary Class Warlord 14 Red/Red Warlord's Battlecry: Damages
Warrior's Axe Common Mastery 1 Red 9 Red/Red Warrior's Axe: Damages
Wicked Scythe Rare Mastery 7 Purple 12 Purple/Purple Wicked Scythe: Damages (all)
Winter's Woe Legendary Mastery 30 Blue 13 Blue/Blue Winter's Woe: Damages, causes Frozen
Withering Touch Legendary Event 14 Blue/Blue Withering Touch: Steals life, drains mana
Wizard's Wand Common Mastery 1 Purple 7 Purple/Purple Wizard's Wand: Damages (all)
Wrenchmaster 5000 Epic Event 12 Yellow/Yellow Wrenchmaster 5000: Increases armor (all allies)
Yasmine's Bow Legendary Mastery 35 Green 13 Green/Green Yasmine's Bow: Damages, creates Green
Yasmine's Chalice Legendary Event 13 Green/Yellow Yasmine's Chalice: Heals (all allies), increases armor (all allies), gives extra turn (conditional)
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